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Vishnu Prasad

Just another boring time Travelling programmer from the streets of Gotham.

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About Me

I’m Vishnu, a 21st century hillbilly from the misty hills of Kodai. A Programmer, Photographer, Gamer, NGO-activist and most important of all I’m a Human Being! even though Most of my Friends Will Deny the Fact that I’m one.


The first Script that I wrote was to copy the contents of a Folder and paste it in a shared Folder. I started programming with Python Learned some webframeworks on it and that’s when My life as a programmer started and i’ve been a learner ever since . learning php, perl, java, clojure and now towards scala.


From my childHood I’ve always wanted to capture the moments and places I’ve been to share it with others photography has always been a passion. Never took a class on it and never will i just love taking pictures.

Once a Gamer always a Gamer

I just Love playing PC Games anything and everything that would run in my PC from RoadRash to FarCry-4.